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    Barrel sauna general info

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    Barrel Saunas with  heater Harvia.

    The wooden barrel sauna is a mobile garden sauna made of high quality wood. The sauna is ready made and is designed to be used by people of any age and at any time. This is an ideal solution to complement your garden. We using a stylish Finnish stove The Harvia.

    It turns a sauna bath into a pleasurable experience and adds a touch of traditional sauna atmosphere.

    More details…
    WOOD : The cozy sauna are produced from renewable best quality Finnish Pines, which are being selected by the most modern log X-ray and automa grading technology. Pine wood is accurately sawn, dried and graded according to wood features. This sort of wood is more the suitable for outdoor saunas as it has less resins, less branches. The thickness of the wall is 46 mm.
    Pinewood is:
    • light with regular texture, ensuring good thermal insulation and a pleasant indoor climate;
    • flexible to use;
    • suitable for painting, therefore smooth coverage of the wood preserver and color is guaranteed;
    • dense with its own natural resins which protect it against rot and therefore more durable than spruce.

    FLOOR: Sauna floor is made from the highest quality pinewood panels either of 18 mm thickness and is firm and even, providing a stable base.

    DOOR: Sauna barrel has a door made from finger-jointed pinewood with a double glazed window. Window provides more light into the barrel and serves as decoration element. The door set consists of a door frame, a door leaf, double glazed window, adjustable hinges, a lock and a wooden handle. Sauna barrel door is firm, made of multi-layer glued pinewood; therefore it does not crack or warp. The door frames are of 45 mm thickness. 

    WINDOWS: Sauna has double glazed windows, which ensure minimal heat loss to the outside. Windows are hermetic and durable.

    ROOF: For sauna barrel roofing SBS modified and fiber glass 120 g/m² reinforced bitumen shingles are used. The SBS modification adds flexibility, application strength and durability to the membranes of the shingles. The top layer of the membranes is surfaced with mineral granules. The shade of the granules is obtained from natural materials, therefore extremely long-lasting color of the shingles is guaranteed. The bottom layer of the shingles is coated with adhesive bitumen. On the sun heat, overlapping shingles stick to each other forming a hydro-insulating layer, which ensures excellent leak resistance of the roof. During installation, the shingles need to be nailed without removing the protective silicone membrane.
    Bitumen roof shingles ensure the highest quality roofing:
    • Durable commercial grade
    • Hermetic
    • Flame retardant
    • Protects against the suns UV rays
    • Minimizes heat loss
    • Impervious to rain, snow and hail stones
    • Resistant to wind, frost and moisture
    • Resistant to temperature fluctuation
    • Maintains long-lasting color
    • Insulates from rain and hail stone noise
    • Resistant to mold, moss and fungal growth.

    HEATERS: Barrel sauna can be with wood burning heater Harvia or with electrical Harvia heaters. All heaters include stones and chimney.

    FOUNDATION: Make sure to prepare good foundation for the sauna barrel. Terrace, cement base, tiles, stones serves well for this purpose. Good and smooth foundation ensures stability and durability of the sauna barrel.

    SAUNA BARREL MAINTENANCE: Pine wood for its physical characteristics is an ideal raw material for the construction – it is strong and is easy to recycle. It maintains good thermal insulation, prevents condensation and thus creates a healthy indoor climate. However, in order to preserve the beauty and functionality of the barrel, it is necessary to properly look after the timber. On-going maintenance of the wooden sauna barrel is essential in order to ensure a long service life.

    Maintaining your sauna barrel externally not only preserves its life-span, but also keeps it looking good. Changing weather conditions may change its appearance. Large and small cracks, color tone changes, as well as altering structure of the wood is a result of a natural cause.

    Unprotected wood has a lot of enemies and one of them is sunlight. UV rays destroy lignin – an important component of the timber. Wood surface starts yellowing, becomes grayish, cracks and finally peels off. Other wood enemy is moisture. Moisture and temperature fluctuations result in the formation of cracks. The wood may become grayish or it may be obsessed by depleting wood mushrooms. Depleting wood fungi and insects may affect and disrupt important structural part of a sauna barrel.

    In order to ensure long service life of a barrel, it is necessary immediately to process it with wood impregnations. Professionally selected suitable coatings reduce the swelling and shrinkage of the wood. Barrel must be re-painted or re-stained according to manufacturer’s instructions of used impregnation agent’s. Nevertheless, we recommend inspecting the sauna barrel at least once a year.

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