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    Hot tubs maintenance: the most important aspects

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    Hot tubs are divided in to two categories: inside hot tubs and outdoor hot tubs.

    The main difference between the plastic and wooden hot tub is the peculiarities of maintenance and use. Tubs made of special plastic – polypropylene, does not require as much maintenance as those made of wood. Our plastic tubs are made of 5 mm polypropylene (some parts – from 8 mm), which is extremely durable, frost-resistant, easy to clean. Since the exterior is made of wood – tubs look just as beautiful as the wooden ones, but are more hygienic. Plastic tubs do not need to continuously be filled with water because they do not over-dry, as wooden tubs do, so feel free to drain the water. The plastic tubs are cleaned with regular means for cleaning baths or pools.

    Whereas if you buy a wooden tub, at first, it needs to be swelled for a day or a couple of them. During the warm season, the wooden hot tub cannot be left without water because it will over dry and will need to be swelled again. The water must be changed rapidly, because it sours during summer, starts to green, bacteria breed, wooden walls cover with unpleasant film. You can use chemicals and special filters that slow down water fermentation process, but will you still want to swim in this water?

    The decision on what kind of hot tub – plastic or wooden – to choose depends on a person who will take care of it. Evaluate the time and expenses.

    Both types of these hot tubes require special care and maintenance, yet the ones placed in the fresh air need a bit more attention. Outdoor hot tubes come into contact with many adverse factors, so keeping them in tip-top condition requires quite some efforts. Here is a brief check list of the most necessary maintenance activities you will need to check off in order to keep your outside tube sparkling clean and functioning smoothly.

    Keeping the water clean for as long as possible is number one priority for owners of hot tubs. It is well know that emptying and refilling the tube is a tedious task which requires a lot of time and effort. Even though the water must be replaced time from time, the intervals between these changes can be extended by properly covering up the outside hot tubs. This way the inside will be preserved from any unwanted nature forces and elements.

    Make sure you regularly examine the technical condition of the hot tub. Hot tubs are quite intricate mechanisms and need to be checked for fractures, bumps or leakages as often as possible. Keep in mind that the smallest defect might cause hot tubs to malfunction or to break down completely.

    Always remember: hot tubs and scaling do not go together. If the water that fills up the tube is hard, make sure you use proper products when cleaning the inside. Cleansers specially designed for the maintenance of hot tubes not only wash away all the filth, but also leave a protective layer which prevents the surface from gathering any more dirt.

    The wooden parts of hot tubs require special treatment since it is a natural material under a constant influence of harsh weather and adverse nature conditions. It is recommended to use protective and water resistant dye to avoid any possible damage. Also, tube’s walls should not suffer direct mechanical harm at any time: the wood may be strong, but is not indestructible.

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