16,5m² BBQ Hut – Grill Cabin with extension


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Set includes:

  • 16,5 m² Grill Cabin with 1,8m or 2,5m extention
  • Floor panels
  • Straight walls
  • Roof covered with bitumen shingles
  • Extendable standard chimney
  • 5 Double glazed windows (3 opening)
  • Door with the double glazed hexagon window, wooden handle and the lock
  • Central standard BBQ – 8 conners
  • Table fitted around the BBQ
  • 6 Benches (2 extendable for sleeping)
  • Cushions for the benches

Inside area: 16.5 m² cabin + 3.57 m²  or 4,92 m² extension
Timber: Pinewood
Wall thickness: 45 mm
Floor thickness: 18 mm
Roof thickness and finishing: 18 mm; Finnish bitumen shingles
Window size: 880 x 510 mm
Door size: 780 x 1500 mm
Height: 3550 mm
Wall height: 1200 mm


*Cabin Foundation

The cabins require a firm and level foundation. A concrete or paved patio is fine or alternatively a well-constructed wooden deck is perfect if you want to locate your cabin on a grassy area. A good foundation ensures stability and durability of the grill cabin. Prepare the base of at least 5 cm height and make sure that there are sufficient air apertures under the cabin floor for ventilation. It is recommended, to have the foundation prepared by a specialist; your local dealer can advise regarding this.

*Cabin Maintenance

Pine wood for its physical characteristics is an ideal raw material for the construction – it is strong and is easy to recycle. However, changing weather conditions may change its appearance. Large and small cracks, color tone changes as well as altering structure of the wood is a result of a natural cause. In order to ensure long service life of a cabin, it is necessary to protect it immediately with a suitable wood preserver. Professionally selected suitable coatings reduce the swelling and shrinkage of the wood. The cabin must be re-painted or re-stained according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions. We recommend inspecting the protection coating at leastonce a year and re-coat as necessary.

*BBQ Usage

When using your BBQ for the first time, the surfaces of the new product that are in direct contact with the flames will create a smoky smell while warming-up; this is normal and is due to the paint curing. We advise to keep the door open during the first usage and not to cook until the smell has cleared out. To start the fireplace put a couple of fire lighters along with some charcoal on the fire grate. To make it easier and to ensure that the BBQ is getting enough replacement air, open the damper and it is also useful to keep the door or a window open during the lighting process. As the fire gets warmer, the draught will increase and then more charcoal or dry hard wood logs can be added.


Grill cabin comes like “kit” with step by step assembling instructions. We recommended – all assembling works must be done by profesional carpenter.


you can choose GRILL CABINS  features and accessories by yourself below.

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Possible extension size *

BBQ Grills * *

BBQ Grills *
BBQ sets all are powder coated with a heat resistant material and come with stainles ssteel cooking grids and pot stands.
Without Standard BBQ SET 8 – corners/ -450 EUR (please note it in comments);

Grill Cabin roof finishing: Finnish bitumen shingles

choose your color of the roof:

Additional features

We can offer (please note it in comments):
Without inner benches/ -100 EUR;
Without cushions/ -50 EUR;
Standard set includes 3 opening window from 5.
If you need more opening windows please mark bellow.


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