Camping Pods

This is a cozy, safe and comfortable little house, which can be used to:
– as an alternative to the tent;
– as a guest cottage;
– as children’s area;
– or equipped with a sauna.

Camping houses are fast gaining popularity in Europe campsites, especially in Germany, UK, Belgium, Denmark, France.
They welcomes travelers, cyclists, families and individuals who want to spent time in the picturesque camping because
– do not need to carry across the tent, and they gather;
– you feel safer than in a tent, because the door locks;
– no need to worry about possible bad weather and rain.

Our camping pods is a well-built, natural-wooden garden house. They are made of high-quality European pine or extremely long-lasting thermo treated pine. There are several sizes from 3 m to 4.8 m in length. They are easy to transport, lay down on a flat surface and enjoy.

All Camping pods producing time would be 6 months.

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