1,7m long Barrel Sauna (Ø 1.97 m) with Electric Heater

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 mini Barrel SAUNA is comfortable 

for 2-4 people

Set includes:

  • – The 1,7m Barrel Sauna made from European pine wood;
  • – The wall thickness – 46mm;
  • – Sauna room – 3.90 m³;
  • – Total height – 2.08 m
  • – Roof covered with Finnish bitumen shingles (black, red, green or grey colours available);
  • – Clamping bands made of stainless steel (adjustable);
  • – Wooden front door with tempered double glazed window, wooden handle and the lock;
  • – Windows size: 295 x 580 mm;
  • – Doors size: 700 x 1600 mm;
  • – 2 benches aspen or black alder;
  • – Heat-resistant plates for heater/stove;










Electric heater Harvia Trendi

The Harvia KIP, a favourite among Finns, is a traditional wall-mounted heater in which price and quality meet in a manner that is sure to warm the bather. Reliable and affordable, KIP is also adaptable, as the control switches on the lower part of the heater can be placed on the left or right side or on the front. Sleek and clear in its design, the shiny black KIP has earned its position as a favourite in numerous saunas in the land of a thousand lakes. Choose the always reliable Harvia. 

The KIP is a traditional wall-mounted heater with either a built-in control panel or a separate control unit. The large stone space provides optimal heat release. The outer casing temperature of the heater stays low.




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Sauna Layout

Possible Sauna wood *

You can select your favorite wood

Sauna heaters *

You can choose different Harvia heater for extra fee.
* Electric Heater SET : heater, connections and stones; No installation

Sauna barrel bitumen shingles *

Choose your roof color for no extra fee

Sauna windows

Additional Sauna elements:

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