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    Who we are?

    We commenced our business in 2002 as a small enterprise in the hot tub industry. Over the yHottub factory-production_28ears, our company has undergone significant expansion. However, we have successfully retained the original cozy business atmosphere and have steered clear of adopting the demeanor of a large manufacturer. Each hot tub we craft is meticulously handmade by our skilled artisans. Our company places a high emphasis on upholding the rich traditions of hot tub craftsmanship, utilizing only premium-quality natural materials throughout the manufacturing process. While we continually strive for product excellence, we prioritize the human element above all else. Ensuring customer satisfaction and cultivating positive relationships with our clients remain our utmost priorities.



    160 cmHotub with grey plastic and spruce woodHot Tub Expertise

    Our expertise lies in hot tubs craftsmanship. With an annual production capacity of over 600 hot tub models carefully crafted from robust polypropylene plastic.

    Limitless Options
    Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities by creating personal home spa zone.

    Our repertoire includes a wide selection: choose tubs of different diameters and shades, choose internal or external heating, we offer different accessories. Whether you seek an budget-friendly option or a touch of luxury, our bathtubs deliver functionality above all. In addition, we can produce different size cold plungs and various tank types according your drawings.

    Various materials

    Expanding our horizons, we are proud to introduce Luxuryfiberglass or acrylic molded hot tubs. These meticulously crafted hot tubs are delivered fully assembled and ready for your enjoyment.

    A Rich Selection

    In addition to hot tubs, our offerings include an eclectic range of outdoor saunas, like sauna barrels, sauna buses,sauna cabins and etc. We are offering camping pods, grill houses, pavilions and many other wooden products. Working together with strong business partners, our subsidiary ensures flawless production quality control throughout the entire process.

    Your wishes are paramount and our commitment to providing a customizable selection tailored to your unique needs is unrelenting.

    Dedicated Professionals

    At our company, we take immense pride in our team of skilled professionals. With a deep understanding of the latest technological advancements and a commitment to fostering an advanced working culture, our experts embody excellence. Our teams adhere to core principles of consistency, precision, attentiveness, and meticulousness. It is these very principles that consistently guide us towards achieving unparalleled quality and delivering optimal outcomes.


    We dedicate substantial efforts to ensure the punctual delivery of all our orders. Valuing punctuality as a cornerstone, we hold an unwavering commitment to meeting deadlines. Our track record speaks for itself – we never compromise on timeliness, and our products are consistently completed within the stipulated timeframes.

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