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    • Company
    • We began our business in 2002 as a small enterprise in the field of hot tubs. By now our company has expanded tremendously, yet we managed to preserve the original homely business atmosphere and avoided the attitude of a big manufacturer. Each hot tub we produce is very carefully handmade by our experienced craftsmen. Our company pays great respect to the traditions of hot tubs making and uses only high-quality natural materials in the process. Even though we strive for excellence of our products, ours company values the human factor above all. Dealing with customers and assuring their full satisfaction is our most important priority.
    • We are a producers of hottubs. We produce over 500 plastic – kunststof hot tubs yearly.
    • Barrel Saunas, Camping Pods, Grill Cabins and other wooden products we producing in second factory with our long-terms business partners, where we always control production quality.
    • Professional employees

      We are proud with our professional and experienced teams in our company, who are familiar with the newest technological achievements and advanced working culture. Consistency, accuracy, care and particularity are the main rules of our teams, that’s why all the time we achieve the highest quality and the best result.


      We are seeking to make sure, that our work and production are not only high-quality but also long-lasting. Longevity is one of the main goals for us, despite the size or volume of your order.

      Measure of the result

      We care a lot about the positive responses from our customers, because we understand, that in nowadays business world, company’s results should be the main source of positive image of company. On the same time – recommendations from our previous customers are the most important measurement of success.


      We are putting a huge effort in order to be sure that all our orders will be submitted on time. We appreciate punctuality, we are never late and our products are always finished on time.

    • You have questions or just want to ask about our provided services?
      Contact us – we will answer all your questions, offer free consulting and we are always prepared to discuss your needs and possibilities of their realization.
    • We will always react on any customer’s remark about any issues in 24h.
    • B2B: Distributors and dealers are always welcome.
      Contact us for wholesale prices and more information.

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